The Brilliant Fertility Program

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who is hoping to conceive within the next 1-2 years
  • Women and their partners who are 100% committed to their health
  • Those looking for a transformational change when it comes to health and well being
  • Anyone looking to break free of the roller coaster of hope/disappointment with each cycle
  • Anyone wanting to restore faith in their body’s ability to conceive
  • Those with diagnoses of PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent pregnancy loss or unexplained infertility


Who this is  NOT FOR:

  • Anyone looking for quick fixes and magic bullets to get pregnant
  • Those not 100% committed to their health
  • Those who aren’t ready to take responsibility for their physical and mental health
  • Anyone who refuses to invest in their health and their future



I spent thousands of dollars in the three years it took me to get my periods back on track, calm my anxiety, and dramatically improve my overall health. I’ve condensed everything I learned on my own journey along with the knowledge and experience of the last 11 years studying medicine and fertility so that you can benefit from this program.

Ultimately, I couldn’t put a price on having regular periods, a calm mind, good digestion, clear skin, consistently great sleep and a belief in my body’s ability to conceive. (Yes, all these are actually associated with the same hormones involved in fertility).

Are you willing to invest in your future?

I realize you may have spent a small fortune on fertility treatments so far. Or you may be thinking “hey, if I don’t have any trouble conceiving, this stuff  isn’t worth spending money on.” I get that. I also see day in-day out- couples who will save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run because they decided to put their physical and mental health first while addressing any potential root causes of infertility.

They are better prepared for the journey that is to come and their bodies respond more successfully to fertility treatments should they need it.

They have more physical and mental energy entering into parenthood, and these benefits extend to their children. 

It’s a win-win. 


what kind of results can I expect?

While it would be unethical to guarantee pregnancy as an outcome of this program, if you follow all action steps, you should notice the following:

✔︎ More Confidence in Identifying/Confirming Ovulate & Your Fertile Window

✔︎ Renewed trust in your body

✔︎ Better Mood & Increased Resilience to Stress

✔︎ Better Energy & Sleep

✔︎ More Regular Periods

✔︎ Less Painful Periods & Decreased PMS

✔︎ More Confidence in Approaching Your Fertility Treatments

✔︎ More Digestive Regularity

✔︎ Decreased Inflammation

✔︎ Improved connection with your partner

****Also, it may be hard to convey on a page like this, but I’ve been told I make this stuff pretty fun to learn! You should expect to have some good laughs throughout this program. And Laughter is the best medicine, right?****

What clients are saying...



Can you guarantee I’ll get pregnant with this program?

It would be totally unethical to make this guarantee. If you participate weekly in the calls and action steps, I can guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience and come away feeling more empowered and confident about your fertility than when you came in.

How much time would I need to devote each week?

Weekly calls are 1 hour and modules are drip fed weekly with about 1 hour of content each. How you implement the action steps will also determined how much time you spend each week. But remember, the time spent in this is also an investment- in better health, better egg quality, better connection with your partner, and a better outlook on life & the fertility journey.

I’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, can this program help me?

Absolutely. Again, no guarantees on outcomes, but this program will guide you on underlying factors that may need to be investigated, help you advocate for yourself, and fully nourish you in mind/body/soul.

I was told I have blocked tubes and have to go through IVF either way to conceive, would the B.F.P be able to help?

There’s still a lot more to the picture here that can be supported through nutrition & lifestyle that can improve the chances of a successful IVF cycle. Egg and sperm quality, the quality of the endometrial lining, stress levels during IVF and many other factors can impact the outcome. The B.F.P. can provide you with tools to approach any upcoming treatments.

My partner and I are thinking about trying to conceive next year and want to be proactive about our fertility. Would the B.F.P. be a good approach?

Absolutely! This is the ultimate in being proactive! Most people who have been trying for months to years come away from this program wishing they had known this information well before they had started trying.

What if I need a refund?

This program is non refundable, as is industry standard with many programs containing downloadable content. If you are having trouble keeping up with the calls or content or aren’t satisfied for some reason, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have an optimal experience. If making this investment causes financial strain and hardship, then this program may not be a good fit at this time. I’ll keep sharing free resources whenever I can!