Where can I possibly start on the most amazing doctor in Tucson!!! She has changed my life so much! Dr. Katie Rose found me stressed, sick, and grieving from the loss of my first baby. Not only did she change my health but she helped me conceive my beautiful, healthy, baby boy! Dr. Rose is incredibly thorough she checked me for things my other docs had neglected. Dr. Rose put me at ease when I was terrified about my health and my miscarriage. I seriously do not know where I would be in my life without her guidance, encouragement, and patience. If you need an amazing doctor with an amazing heart go see this woman, she will change your life forever!


I consulted Dr. Katie Rose in the winter of 2017 after two miscarriages and being diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. Two years later, I am holding my healthy baby boy in my arms and I am forever grateful to Dr. Rose for helping me arrive at this moment. Dr. Rose was always extremely thorough and professional — and also extremely human. She attended to both the physical and the emotional dimensions of my situation and was especially attentive to the connections between the two. She also never hesitated to refer me to other doctors and specialists and was well-informed about the latest research in her field. Dr. Rose’s interest in her patients and in the “big picture” is genuine and I would recommend her to anyone suffering from issues related to infertility—as well as to anyone looking for a holistic approach to their health and well-being. 


I suffered for about 2 years with allopathic medicine trying to manage my peri-menopausal the symptoms. On the one hand I was afraid of the side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals; on the other of the costs of alternative medicine. Finally I made the decision to visit a Naturopath Doctor and prayed the alternative would help me feel better. I am ever so happy I did! Katie (Dr. Rose) has been wonderful! not only has she been meticulous in her care but since I have been her patient my symptoms have diminished dramatically. I have absolutely NO REGRETS!!!


After years of struggling with health issues, Dr. Katie Rose has been my dream doctor come to life. She zeroed in on symptoms that had been ignored or overlooked in the past and successfully set me on the path towards greater health. She is knowledgeable, kind, resourceful, and dedicated to looking at alternative paths towards healing when traditional methods fail. She is amazing! She goes above and beyond in researching my health issues. I trust her implicitly and recommend her without hesitation.



We have been seeing Dr. Katie Rose since we moved to Tucson a few years back. She is an amazing doctor that is always willing to dig in deep to help you with your issues. She sees our whole family helps us with a wide variety of medical problems, from food allergies to anxiety to well woman checks, and everything in between. We are very thankful that we found her!



I’ve been post-menopausal for 7 years. Gynecologists had tried to balance my hormones without success and were suggesting surgery although they weren’t sure what the problem was. Frustration drove me to look for an alternative. I found Dr. Katie Rose. She took the time to listen to me and looked beyond the data. Not only is she well versed in western medicine, she’s a naturopath and a second-generation acupuncturist which allows her to draw from multiple knowledge bases. She’s logical and is great at communicating with me so I understand my treatment and why it’s necessary to make changes. I’m happy to say that within a few months, Dr. Rose has my hormones balanced (no surgery needed), thyroid levels are in the optimal range, my adrenal insufficiency is under control and I’m sleeping well. For the first time I can remember – I’m controlling my health instead of it controlling me.



I had struggled with my weight and blood sugar issues for years before I found Dr. Katie Rose through a friend. It turned out I had PCOS and thyroid issues which no other doctor had addressed even though I had also struggled with fertility, suffering multiple miscarriages. With diet changes, supplements, acupuncture, and a whole lot of education, I am so happy to say I feel amazing and am now the proud mama of a baby girl! I truly don’t think this would have been possible without Dr. Rose’s help!



Dr. Katie Rose was my doctor for a year before I moved away from Tucson. I am a full believer in holistic medicine, so she was a perfect fit for me. Her office didn’t feel like the normal, sterile environment that a doctor’s office gives. It was calming and so was she. When I visited Katie, I felt like I was her only patient that she had. It was never a rushed situation, and I always left having learned something new about my body. I highly recommend Dr. Katie Rose!



Dr Katie Rose far exceeds any Dr I could fathom If I were to design the perfect doctor with all of the qualities I most wish for. She LISTENS! She is so genuine and caring! Dr Rose is brilliant in her interpretation of what I describe and then diagnosing and connecting the dots in ways no other Doctor has! She ran tests no other Dr ever mentioned…Thyroid and hormonal issues…I feel we are a true team tackling these issues together and winning! Her deep and broad reaching knowledge of the science of health and wellbeing tempered with an instinctual caregiving delivers results! She enjoys the challenge of helping her patients to feel their best…. she doesn’t stop trying… thinking ‘outside the box’…tweaking meds… digging at the root rather than just treating the symptoms! Beside the professional aspect, she is a dear person who I enjoy and am so very fond of!



I am a 46 year old woman who has been feeling very stuck when it comes to my weight and general health. I have tried many paths to try and remedy my health issues and feelings of hopelessness. Dr. Katie Rose has given me the tools that I feel can truly help get me unstuck and stay that way. She is the first doctor that really listens to what I’m saying, with compassion, no judgment, and understanding. For the first time in about 10 years I have hope that I can conquer the weight and chronic pain I have had to live with for so long. In the 3 months that I have been working with her, I have been feeling better physically and mentally then I have in such a long time.



Dr. Katie Rose is the best doctor I have ever had. I have been with her for years and she has changed my life !!! 🙂 I can say that not only has she helped me with some hard times but she has helped me adapt to a much more healthier way of life. She is very knowledgeable and is always so welcoming with a stellar personality. I drive 2 hrs just to see her for consultations so I would most definitely recommend her! I don’t ever want to change doctors!



I tend towards anxiety and every other doctor I’ve seen always rolls their eyes when I ask a million questions about my health. But Dr. Katie Rose always takes the time to answer all my questions, takes each question seriously, and is never condescending or judgmental. Thank you, Dr. Rose, for always putting me at ease!



I never realized I’d feel so relaxed after acupuncture…for the first time in months, I had a great week of sleep. I finally feel hopeful! Thank you, Dr. Rose



Before seeing Dr. Katie Rose, I was getting urinary tract infections almost every month for almost a year. I was frustrated with my primary care doctor and scared that we weren’t finding a solution using stronger and stronger antibiotics. Dr. Rose helped me to understand what some predisposing factors might be, got my nutrition in line and gave me a prevention plan. I am happy to report 1 year free of UTIs and no antibiotics since seeing her!



I was first referred to Dr. Katie Rose because I was exhausted all the time. My primary care doctor had run labs and told me everything was “normal” but I definitely didn’t feel normal. When I first saw Dr. Rose, she made me feel so comfortable. She believed that what I was experiencing was real, and said “we are going to get to the bottom of this together.” She ran a more in depth thyroid panel, and sure enough, it showed that I was suffering from subclinical hypothyroid. I was so relieved to have an answer and when we began treatment, within weeks I felt like myself again! That was almost five years ago, and I still feel great and only check in once a year to stay the course. I highly recommend Dr. Rose!



When I first started seeing Dr. Katie Rose, I was grieving the loss of a loved one. Dr. Rose identified that stress was likely a root cause of some other health conditions I was dealing with and recommended acupuncture to help with that. I was surprised that acupuncture helped me feel so relaxed and even aided in the grieving process. I had come to her already taking several supplements so I appreciated that she didn’t add more just for the stress. So far everything she has recommended has been spot on- the lifestyle changes, the targeted supplements, and the acupuncture.



There are not enough words to describe the incredible care Dr. Rose provides to her patients. I have had amazing experiences every time I’ve had an appointment for each of my children (current ages 5 and 3). Dr. Rose truly cares about each of her patients and getting to the root cause of issues. She doesn’t cover up the problem, she researches to find the issue to correct the problem. She offers multiple solutions and always goes above and beyond to heal each health issue we have presented to her. I would give a million stars for this review, if that were an option! Dr. Rose’s team is also always friendly and makes appointments as soon as possible. I am very thankful for this practice! They have changed our lives!



Dear Dr. Rose, I cannot express my thanks enough for everything you have done for me to make me feel better. Not only from a medical issue standpoint, but also from a caring place with follow through that is almost unheard of from the standard primary physician……especially mine! You listen. You work on the whole puzzle of an issue. You treat me with kindness . You validate me. You are reachable, and if away, your other office doctors jump right in. You totally came through, when once again, my primary docs office totally dropped the ball. You are professional, smart and I respect-your opinions and judgement. You are really great at what you do. You are appreciated.