Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of seeing a naturopath?

You are a person–not just symptoms, a disorder, or labs. Dr. Katie Rose recognizes this. A personalized focus means that your individualized treatment considers every aspect of your health. In addition to treating your primary concern, Dr. Rose will aim to improve your overall health including sleep, energy, digestion, and more.

Will insurance cover my visit?

Insurance often can shape the treatment that you receive and the time you may spend with the doctor. Instead, Dr. Rose focuses on providing the best care, without insurance influence. Dr. Rose does not contract with or bill insurance companies.  However, we are happy to provide you with a service summary with the proper diagnostic coding so that you can seek reimbursement after your visit, and we encourage you to submit. If reimbursement is vital to you, we recommend that you call your insurance providers prior to the visit. We do send labs through companies that contract with insurance whenever possible. Dr. Rose and the staff at Nature Medica continuously research lab companies to get the best rates and options for our patients. We accept cash, checks, all major credits cards along with HSA and FSA credit cards.

Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Absolutely! While the initial investment may seem like a lot, Dr. Rose strives to resolve your illness and provide vibrant health, which is priceless. The long-term goal is to reduce your medical spending on chronic disease. This allows you to enjoy life and be more productive, without wasting time in a waiting room.

If I am currently taking prescription medications, can I still take natural medicines?

It depends on your specific condition, medication and natural medicine. Dr. Rose is trained extensively in pharmaceutical drugs and their interactions with herbs and nutrients. This includes potential adverse events that could occur with improperly combined drugs, herbs, and nutrients. It is extremely important that you bring a list of all your medications and supplements for the safest and most effective treatment.

How are a naturopathic and conventional doctor similar?

Naturopathic doctors, like allopathic or osteopathic physicians, hold a four-year undergraduate degree as well as an additional four-year doctorate degree.  In addition to a standard medical curriculum (anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, pharmacology, etc.), naturopathic doctors are required to complete extensive training in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, psychology, and counseling. They must complete at least two years of hands-on clinical training and pass two sets of national boards (board certified). Naturopathic doctors are trained to diagnose, treat or refer to specialists when necessary, much like your traditional primary care provider.

Why do I need to see a naturopathic doctor if my symptoms are being managed with prescription medication?

Symptoms are an expression of a body’s ill health. When you are hot, you don’t take a medication so that you no longer feel the heat, but that is how many drugs work. Dr. Rose will investigate why you developed your illness and work to reverse the underlying cause. Dr. Rose will not simply mask the symptoms will a pill. If a medication is absolutely necessary in your health management, your prescribing physician should continue to manage the medication.

Can you order labs?

Yes, Naturopathic doctors are trained to draw blood, order lab work and interpret results in order to formulate an appropriate treatment. Naturopathic doctors can order many imaging studies such as X-rays, CT or MRI if they feel it is necessary to manage your condition. Medicare will not cover labs or imaging ordered by a naturopathic physician. If you have had any recent lab work done, please bring all results to your visit. 

How long will my visit take?

The first visit will generally take 60 minutes. After covering your intake forms and taking a complete medical history, Dr. Rose will perform a targeted physical exam. Her goal is to get to know you as a patient in order to uncover the source of your specific health concerns.

After your initial intake visit, Dr. Rose will develop a protocol specifically designed for your needs. This may include a personalized diet plan, recommended dietary supplements, acupuncture, specific lifestyle changes, lab tests, changes in medication (coordinated with your primary care physician, if necessary), and stress eradication counseling. Follow-up visits range from 30-60 minutes. Acupuncture visits generally take 30-45 minutes. If you have an urgent concern, such as a UTI, or a quick lab review, brief visits lasting 5-15 minutes can occasionally be accommodated same day. Please call the office to schedule. 

What is our cancellation and reservation policy?

Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we ask for 24 hours notice.  All cancellations for appointments require 24 business hours notice for office visits, including acupuncture.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 business hours or missed appointments will be charged up to the full value of their booking fee..  Upon booking your first appointment, a deposit will be collected in order to hold your space. This deposit will go towards your visit fee. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, your deposit can be returned to you if the changes were made within 24 business hours of your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter – we will try to accommodate individual requests or emergency situations as they appear

What if I have a medical concern or a question for the doctor?

In the case of any medical emergency, you should always dial 911, visit an emergency room or urgent care facility. For non-urgent matters, you can call us during our business hours or send us a message through your Patient Portal and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Due to high call and message volume, concerns are triaged based on level of urgency. If answering a message engages Dr. Rose in medical decision making, there is a fee for messaging. .